Silent Valley Vanilla CC



Vanilla CC (Chocolate Chips) has beautiful, shimmering, bright, white and wonderfully crimped, dense fleece. Her conformation is excellent. Vanilla CC has thrown 2 beautifully coloured offspring.

Pictured with her is Silent Valley Vale (2nd in class, Alpaca Ontario 2007). Following Mike Safely’s (AOBA judge) suggestion to “Breed to the spot” Vanilla will be bred to Invincible’s Latigo

Vanilla CC’s fleece won First Place white colour championship ribbon at the Navan Fair in 2007

SIRE: WRA Peruvian Sancho - white

Dam: L.F. Venetia - black


White Female July 19, 2003

Sire: WRA Sancho - white

Dam: L.F. Venetia - black

Fleece sample


Fleece sample


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