The Ranch
After we bought our Alpacas, we purchased a stunning property in the Land-O-Lakes Region of the Ottawa Valley, 45 minutes from Perth Ontario. We are approximately 1.5 hours north of Kingston and the same distance west of Ottawa.  

The property is made up of forested nature/ski trails, hayfields and pasture. From the homestead and ranch it is a short hike to our lake front property on beautiful, secluded Antoine lake. We have the added convenience of having our cottage, home and business together all on the same property.

The Barn
To prepare for our herd's arrival, we transformed an existing tin barn into an  “Alpaca Specific Barn” to suit the needs of our growing herd of Alpaca's.  The barn's overhang conveniently shelters the alpacas year round.  The alpacas enjoy this area and often spend their evenings outside under the shelter of the overhangs. 
We are fully outfitted with heated water bowls,  
a warm room, hay storage and other provisions 
that are required for shearing and maintaining 
healthy, happy Alpacas.  We sectioned off four 
separate pastures for grazing and encircled 
these pastures with a 6 foot predator fence to 
keep out wildlife. 

Ranch Store in The Old Grainery
The "Old Grainery"  has become our new Alpaca store. 
In the early days this log cabin provided shelter to the 
various harvested grains that were grown on the farm to feed the livestock (cows and horses). 
Today, after being lovingly restored, it once again houses the farms’ “harvest”,  beautiful alpaca products, exquisite yarns and hand knitted garments made from the fleece of award winning, outstanding alpacas born and raised here, at Silent Valley Alpaca. 

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