In 2000 we began investigating Alpacas and the more we researched the various aspect of the Alpaca business, the more we realized that it was time to pursue this wonderful new direction and lifestyle. In 2001 we purchased a small herd of 5 female Alpacas.   We made an enormous commitment when we sold our house in Aurora, Ontario, purchased our herd and moved to “The Silent Valley.” We now live on a beautiful acreage in the rugged wilderness of North Frontenac, 1.5 hours West of Ottawa and the same distance north of Kingston, Ontario. This lifestyle change was one of the best decisions we've ever made.  Raising our own Alpacas is a richly rewarding experience and has greatly enhanced our lives.                       

Our Vision
As a breeding farm, we place a great deal of emphasis on our reproductive program. Of course, we selectively breed for healthy alpacas with a focus on maintained fibre fineness and correct conformation. We understand that good bone density and fleece coverage is important to our alpacas living in our cold Canadian climate. We understand the importance of breeding for quality. This year we added some amazing new Champion blood lines to our herd, through the purchase of both males and females. Our alpacas have strong and balanced frames with fleeces which are uniform  with excellent coverage across the entire body of the alpaca.  The fibre is extremely fine with high lustre and a long staple length. 
We will not compromise on future generations, we understand that breeding is a science, we also recognize that it is an art.
Robert & Hanne Quigley

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